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    Ethan has been working in marketing and communications for 10 years now, building up his portfolio and making a name for himself in the field. In the beginning, he was a volunteer intern for the Fort Myers Miracle Baseball Club. He then moved up the ladder and became a full-time player. As long as he has been alive, he has put his ego on the back burner and worked hard. Before anything else, he wants to learn from people who are better at what they do, like graphic designers or communication strategists.


    This is how his life turned out: he had a lot of love for sports. He has worked for a lot of different sports teams, like the NCAA Division II, NHL, NBA, and Minor League Baseball. Over the years, his skills and drive have led him to get a lot of new jobs. This has let him try out his skills in new places.


    The way Evan went from Marketing Service Specialist to Interim Sports Information Director, he was able to think about and figure out how marketing and communication worked in different parts of the company. A designer who has this kind of knowledge is very important. When images can be powerful enough to convey multiple meanings, this kind of knowledge makes him very important to the job.

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